KGRC library (Handapparat), books in shelves

The KGRC houses a few hundred books of the university library in the form of a course reserve (Handapparat) of the Business, Economics and Mathematics Library, OMP library.

If we have a book in our Handapparat, then you can access it at the KGRC under the following terms:

  • Make an appointment via email to and tell us which book you are interested in (author, title, signature).

  • At the appointed time, please announce at the office 07.48 in 1090 Kolingasse 14-16 and you can read the book in the library and make photocopies of it.

  • You can not borrow books (i.e., remove them from the KGRC).

How to find books?

  • Use one of the research tools for the university libraries.

  • For the KGRC Handapparat use our GoogleDocs spreadsheet:

    • the sheet Handapparat lists the books in the course reserve and
    • the sheet Old logic library lists all books from our previous library (including any that the university library may not yet have cataloged).
  • They are organized by the following keywords

    • Philosophy (General)
    • Logic
    • Speculative philosophy
    • Science (General)
    • Mathematics
    • Mathematical Logic
    • Model Theory
    • Biography
    • Computer Science
    • Algebra
    • Set theory
    • Analysis
    • Geometry
    • Topology
    • Physics