The homepages of most of the funding agencies in the past can be found here.

Current projects

FWF Austrian Science Fund

programme # title duration PI
START prize Y1012 Combinatorics and Definability 2018-2024 V. FISCHER
Stand-alone project P34603 Trouble in Cantor's Paradiese 2021-2025 M. ESKEW
International project I5918 Analytic P-ideals, Banach spaces and measure algebras 2022-2025 D. SOBOTA
ESPRIT-program ESP108 Set-theoretic combinatorics in Banach and measure spaces 2023-2026 D. SOBOTA
ESPRIT-program ESP450 Model theory of valued differential fields 2023-2026 N. PYNN-COATES
ESPRIT-program ESP548 Comparing the Real Line to Combinatorics of the Uncountable 2023-2026 C. B. SWITZER
ESPRIT-program ESP399 Completeness in topological and algebraic structures 2024-2027 S. BARDYLA
Principal Investigator Projects International PIN1355423 Generic large cardinals and determinacy approved M. ESKEW

OeAD Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research

WTZ with CZ CZ 20/2023 Compactness and cardinal invariants 2023-2024 V. FISCHER


Find here the list of the former grants.