The homepages of most of the funding agencies in the past can be found here.

Current projects

FWF Austrian Science Fund

programme # title duration PI
START prize Y1012 Combinatorics and Definability 2018-2024 V. FISCHER
Stand-alone project P34603 Trouble in Cantor's Paradiese 2021-2025 M. ESKEW
International project I5918 Analytic P-ideals, Banach spaces and measure algebras 2022-2025 D. SOBOTA
ESPRIT-program ESP108 Set-theoretic combinatorics in Banach and measure spaces 2023-2026 D. SOBOTA
ESPRIT-program ESP450 Model theory of valued differential fields 2023-2026 N. PYNN-COATES
ESPRIT-program ESP548 Comparing the Real Line to Combinatorics of the Uncountable 2023-2026 C. B. SWITZER
ESPRIT-program ESP399 Completeness in topological and algebraic structures 2024-2027 S. BARDYLA
International project PIN1355423 Generic large cardinals and determinacy approved M. ESKEW

OeAD Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research

WTZ with CZ CZ 20/2023 Compactness and cardinal invariants 2023-2024 V. FISCHER


Find here the list of the former grants.