Doctoral program

General information for all PhD students:

There is no real difference between advanced courses for the Master's program and courses for the doctoral program in the area of specialization "Logic". The recognition of courses for the doctoral program will be specified individually in the "dissertation agreement" (Dissertationsvereinbarung) with your advisor.

The Vienna School of Mathematics (VSM)

The VSM is a joint doctoral school of the University of Vienna and the TU Wien. Membership is

  • automatic for students that are hired on a pre-doc position announced via the VSM and
  • for other doctoral students in mathematics, membership is possible upon recommendation of their advisor.

PhD thesis

Before you start the doctoral program it is advisable to think about a possible supervision and talk with a potential supervisor.

Dissertation topics are usually adjacent to the research area and interests of the advisor.

At the KGRC

are available to supervise PhD theses.