2002-01-10Ralf Schindler (KGRC)A combinatorial proof of \Sigma^1_3 correctness of K
I'll show you a new, simple, and purely combinatorial proof of the following result, which is originally due to Steel (1993): Let the real x be a solution to the \Pi^1_2 property \Phi(-), and suppose that x^dagger exists; suppose further that there's no inner model with a Woodin cardinal. There is then a lightface mouse which contains a solution to \Phi(-).

2002-01-17Ralf Schindler (KGRC)Sharps, pistols, and the \Sigma^1_3 correctness of K
I'll give a simple proof of the following result of Steel and Welch: Let x be a solution to the \Pi^1_2 property \Phi(-), and suppose that x^#, x^##, x^###, etc. exist; suppose further that 0^pistol doesn't exist. Then K contains a solution to \Phi(-).

2002-03-07James Hirschorn (KGRC)Forcing with measure algebras
2002-03-14David Aspero (KGRC)Martin's Maximum and the nonstationary ideal over \omega_1
2002-03-21Vladimir Kanovei (Moscow Center for continuous mathematical education)Borel and countably determined reducibility in nonstandard domain
2002-04-08Jakob Kellner (KGRC)Preserving non-null with transitive nep forcings 2
2002-04-18Ralf Schindler (KGRC)Cardinal arithmetic and projective determinacy
2002-04-25James Hirschorn (KGRC)Random gaps
2002-05-02David Aspero (KGRC)Todorcevic's theorem that BMM implies c=\aleph_2
2002-05-16Martin Goldstern (TU Wien)RCS iteration according to Donder/Fuchs
2002-06-06Martin Goldstern (TU Wien)Antichains in Products of Linear Orders
2002-06-13Ralf Schindler (KGRC)Homogeneously Souslin sets in inner models of set theory
2002-10-03David Aspero (KGRC)Remarks on club-guessing sequences and on canonical functions
2002-10-10Sy Friedman (KGRC)Projective Singletons
2002-10-17Sy Friedman (KGRC)Projective Singletons (part 2)
2002-10-24Sy Friedman (KGRC)Projective Singletons, Conclusion
2002-11-07Martin Goldstern (TU Wien)Clones from creatures
2002-11-14Heike Mildenberger (KGRC)New canonization theorems and dense free subsets
2002-11-21Ralf Schindler (KGRC)Mouse Operators
2002-11-28Ralf Schindler (KGRC)Mouse Operators, 2
2002-12-05Ralf Schindler (KGRC)Mouse Operators, 3
2002-12-12Sy Friedman (KGRC)Sigma-1-3 Generic Absoluteness