The following students at the KGRC study (or graduated with) a PhD degree (Doktorat), a Master degree, or a Diplom (a curriculum comparable to a combination of Bachelor and Master).

 We also offer a list of the Alumni of the Logistik Institut (1967–1999).

Current PhD students

  • Marlene Koelbing, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Julia Marie Millhouse, supervised by V. Fischer
  • Lukas Schrembecker, supervised by V. Fischer
  • Julian Ziegler-Hunts, supervised by M. Aschenbrenner




  • Carolin Antos-Kuby, Foundations of Higher-Order Forcing, 2015/09, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Ömer Faruk Bag, On higher Baire spaces combinatorics, 2022/07, supervised by V. Fischer
  • Andrew Brooke-Taylor, Large Cardinals and L-Like Combinatorics, 2007/06, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Arthur Fischer, Forcing: Larger cardinals in Cichon's diagram, and PFA(S)[S], 2015/02, supervised  by J. Kellner
  • Tomáš Futáš, Internal Consistency and the Singular Cardinal Hypothesis, 2006/11, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Mohammad Golshani, The effects of adding a real to models of set theory, 2012/02, at University of Kerman, external advisor by S. Friedman
  • Ajdin Halilovic, The tree property, 2011/01, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Stefan Hoffelner, Projective Wellorders and the Nonstationary Ideal, 2016/09, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Peter Holy, Condensation and Large Cardinals, 2011/01, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Radek Honzik, Easton's Theorem and Large Cardinals, 2008/09, at Charles University, Prague; external supervised by S. Friedman
  • Manuel Inselmann, Generalized notions of recurrence: bases and the existence of invariant probability measures, 2020/01, supervised by B. Miller
  • Jakob Kellner, Definable Forcings, 2004/09 (external adviser: M. Goldstern, TU Wien)
  • Giorgio Laguzzi, Arboreal Forcing Notions and Regularity Properties of the Real Line, 2012/06, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Diana Carolina Montoya Amaya, Some cardinal invariants of the generalized Baire spaces, 2017/06, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Pavel Ondrejovic, Internal Consistency and Easton's Theorem, 2007/03, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Boris Piwinger, Mind the Gap, 2004/06, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Jonathan Schilhan Combinatorics and definability on the real line and the higher continuum, 2021/01, supervised by V. Fischer
  • David Schrittesser, Projective measure without projective Baire, 2010/09, supervised by S. Friedman


  • Carolin Antos, Extensions which do not have new large cardinals, 2010/09, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Julian Backé, Separable quotients of function spaces and Efimov spaces, 2018/07, supervised by L. Zdomskyy
  • Ömer Bag, Methods of iteration and applications, 2018/10, supervised by V. Fischer
  • Jan Bydžovský, Powers of Models in Weak Arithmetics, 2018/03, supervised by M. Müller
  • Roman Dörner, Gaps in partially ordered sets, 2023/7, surpervised by V. Fischer
  • Ajdin Halilovic, PCF Theory, 2007/11, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Angela Henke, Stationary Reflection, 2014/11,supervised by S. Friedman
  • Stefan Hoffelner, On the saturation of the nonstationary ideal, 2011/03, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Peter Holy, Absoluteness Principles in Set Theory, 2007/09, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Thomas Imre, Semantic methods in bounded arithmetic, 2015/11, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Fabian Kaak, Indestructibility of MAD families, 2022/04, supervised by V. Fischer
  • Martin Köberl, The determinacy of locally uncountable games, 2015/05, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Lukas Koschat, Proper forcing and countable support iterations, 2022/08, supervised by V. Fischer
  • Timo Lang, Old and new results on ordinal definability, 2016/04, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Jan Maly, Jan Krajicek's Forcing Construction and Pseudo Proof Systems, 2016/08, supervised by M. Müller
  • Wolfgang Poiger, Independent and Almost Disjoint Families, 2019/11, supervised by V. Fischer
  • Lukas Schembecker, Combinatorial Characterizations of Canjar Filters, 2021/5, supervised by V. Fischer
  • Jonathan Schilhan, Towers and Pseudointersections, 2018/04, supervised by V. Fischer
  • David Schrittesser, Sigma^1_3-Absoluteness in Forcing Extensions, 2004/07, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Christoph Schöller, Pospositional Logic, Complexity Theorie and a Nontrivial Hierarchy of Theories of weak fragments of Peano Artihmetic, 2011/06, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Georg Smejda, Provability Logic - Completeness and incompleteness results, 2011/02, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Anda-Ramona Tanasie, The splitting number and some of its neighbors, 2013/10, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Fabio Elio Tonti, On the Structure of Countable Borel Equivalence Relations and the Classification Problem for Torsion-Free Abelian Groups, 2014/10, supervised by S. Friedman
  • Michael Toppel, Syntactical Consistency Proofs for Term Induction Revisited: Two Different Methods, 2011/08, supervised by J. Kellner, secondary adviser M. Baaz, TU Wien
  • Maximilian Vötsch, Cofinitary Groups, 2020/8, supervised by V. Fischer
  • Alexander Wendlinger, Independence and its spectrum, 2023/3, supervised by V. Fischer
  • Lesya Zdomska, Lokale Eigenschaften topologischer Funktionenräume und mengenwertige Abbildungen, Diplomarbeit, 2020/4, supervised by V. Fischer