Computational Logic Day 2017


The Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC) and the Kurt Gödel Research Center (KGRC) co‑organize the Computational Logic Day 2017.

The event takes place on January 13 at the KGRC's lecture room 101 at Josephinum.

Here are a few photos of the event.


Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC), Johannes Kepler University Linz

  • Bruno Buchberger
  • Temur Kutsia
  • Alexander Maletzky

Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry (DMG), Technische Universität Wien

  • Ekaterina Fokina
  • Stefan Hetzl

Kurt Gödel Research Center (KGRC), Universität Wien

  • Sy-David Friedman
  • Ján Pich


Friday January 13, 2017

10:00am-10:30am Ekaterina Fokina: Degree Spectra of Structures
10:30am-11:00am Sy-David Friedman: Computational Complexity in Set Theory
11:00am-11:30am Stefan Hetzl: On the Complexity of Grammars and First-Order Proofs
11:30am-12:00pm Ján Pich: Gentzen and Frege systems for QBF
12:00pm-02:00pm Break
02:00pm-02:30pm Bruno Buchberger: An Overview on the Theorema Project (Automated Reasoning)
02:30pm-03:00pm Temur Kutsia: Anti-Unification in Description Logic EL
03:00pm-03:30pm Alexander Maletzky: Formalizing Gröbner Bases in Theorema