2012: Forcing in Set Theory

January 23–28, 2012, the seminar Forcing in Set Theory took place at Kobe University, Japan.

It was funded by the bilateral Joint Seminar program of the JSPS (principal investigator: Sakaé Fuchino, Kobe) and the FWF (grant AJS336-N13, principal investigator: Jakob Kellner, KGRC). The local organizers were Jörg Brendle, Sakaé Fuchino and Hiroshi Sakai.

Visit the conference website for more details, as well as photos, abstracts and slides.


Monday, January 23
11:30–12:50Lunch time
13:00–13:45Andrew Brooke-Taylor
(Kobe U, Japan)
Large cardinals and colimits
14:00–14:45Frank Tall
(U Toronto, Canada)
Lindelof Indestructibility, Topological games, and Selection Principles: New Results
15:45–16:30Sakaé Fuchino
(Kobe U, Japan)
On reflection of list chromatic number
16:45–17:30Diego Alejandro Mejía
(Kobe U, Japan)
Matrix iterations and the Cichon's diagram
Tuesday, January 24
9:45–10:30Teruyuki Yorioka
(Shizuoka U, Japan)
Killing some S-spaces by a coherent Suslin tree
10:45–11:30Andrés Villaveces
(UN Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia)
Forcing and Categoricity
11:30–13:00Lunch time
13:00–13:45Martin Goldstern
(DMG, TU Wien, Austria)
Ultralaver forcing
14:00–14:45Wolfgang Wohofsky
(DMG, TU Wien, Austria)
Janus forcing towards dual Borel Conjecture, and other variants of the Borel Conjecture
15:45–16:30Jakob Kellner
(KGRC, U Wien, Austria)
Borel Conjecture and dual Borel Conjecture
16:45–17:30Victor Torres
(KGRC, U Wien, Austria)
Conjectures of Rado and Chang, and Special Aronszajn Trees
18:00–21:00Conference Dinner at Sakura
Wednesday, January 25
9:30–10:15Shuguo Zhang
(Sichuan U, Chengdu, China)
Cardinal invariants related to I-ultrafilters
10:30–11:15Masaru Kada
(Osaka Prefecture U, Sakai, Japan)
Remarks on Scheepers' theorem on the cardinality of Lindelöf spaces
11:30–12:15Vera Fischer
(KGRC, U Wien, Austria)
Projective wellorders and maximal families of orthogonal measures with large continuum
12:15–Lunch time and free discussions
Thursday, January 26
9:45–10:30Taishi Kurahashi
(Kobe U, Japan)
Predicate modal logic of provability and Montagna's problem
10:45–11:30Yasuo Yoshinobu
(Nagoya U, Japan)
On weakly operationally closed posets
11:30–13:00Lunch time
13:00–13:45Sy-David Friedman
(KGRC, U Wien, Austria)
The Stable Core of V
14:00–14:45Hiroshi Sakai
(Kobe U, Japan)
Chang's Conjecture and weak square
15:45–16:30Hiroshi Fujita
(Ehime U, Matsuyama, Japan)
Borel-generated subgroups of the real line
16:45–17:30Hiroaki Minami
(KGRC, U Wien, Austria)
Reaping number and independence number for partitions of omega.
17:45–18:30David Asperó
(DMG, TU Wien, Austria)
Wishful thinking in set theory: Omega-completeness and maximality
Friday, January 27
9:45–10:30Miguel Angel Mota
(KGRC, U Wien, Austria)
Generalizations of Martin's Axiom and their consistency with a large continuum.
10:45–11:30Lyubomyr Zdomskyy
(KGRC, U Wien, Austria)
Productively Lindelöf spaces and selection principles
11:30–13:00Lunch time
13:00–13:45Tristan Bice
(Kobe U, Japan)
Set Theory of the Calkin Algebra
14:00–14:45Liuzhen Wu
(KGRC, U Wien, Austria)
Delta_1-definability of the nonstationary ideal
15:00–15:45Vincenzo Dimonte
(KGRC, U Wien, Austria)
Forcing and Very Large Cardinals: DOs and DON'Ts
Saturday, January 28
9:30–10:15Dilip Raghavan
(Kobe U, Japan)
Suslin lattices
10:30–11:15Jörg Brendle
(Kobe U, Japan)
Aspects of splitting
11:30–12:15Toshimichi Usuba
(Nagoya U, Japan)
Small semiproper posets

Participants in addition to the speakers:

  • Yoshihiro Abe (Kanagawa U, Yokohama, Japan)
  • Franqui Cárdenas (UN Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia)
  • Arthur Fischer (KGRC, U Wien, Austria)
  • Yo Matsubara (Nagoya U, Japan)
  • Tadatoshi Miyamoto (Nanzan U, Nagoya, Japan)
  • Masahiro Rokuyama (Kyoto U, Japan)